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Store Policies

Customer Care

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  • Orders placed during any holiday season (especially Christmas) may be delayed up to 2 weeks, so please place your order accordingly.

  • It is recommended that all dolls, especially custom made dolls, be spot cleaned. Machine washing is not encouraged. If a doll is machine washed then the 2 year warranty will be null and void. 

  • Dolls take 4-8 week processing, including shipping times.

  • Earrings take 3-5 days to ship.

  • Tee shirts can take 1-2 weeks, including shipping times. Tee shirts are cotton material, please follow washing machine adivce on tags and dry on low heat due to vinyl.

  • Baby Blankets can be machined wash on the gentle cycle and either low temperature dryer or air dried. Processing time is 3-4 weeks, including shipping times.

  • Glitter hats can be washed on gentle cycles or hand washed once pom pom has been removed. Pom Poms can be removed via button on the inside of the hat. They are to be spot cleaned, lay flat to dry. Give your pom pom a shake and blow dry on medium heat to straighten out fur. (Pom Pom instructions courtesy of Karla, owner of I dream of Yarn.

  • Hats, scarfs, ear warmers etc can be washed on gentle cycles or hand washed and dried on the lowest setting. Hand wash if product contains fashion buttons. Processing time is 2-3 weeks, including shipping times

Shipping & Returns

  • Katz Krochetz does not accept returns, however some items can be exchanged and are covered by a warranty, also known as surgery.

  • All dolls and animals, including customs orders, are not allowed for returns, however they come with a 2 year normal wear and tear warranty (surgery). Pictures and inquiry should be sent to, at this time warranty will be verified based on "injury". Customers will have to pay all shipping fees.

  • Hats can be exchanged for better sizing, but they cannot be returned. head measurements are encouraged. Customers will have to pay shipping fees.


Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Sezzle (4-biweekly payment plan with 0% free interest)

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