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About Us



Welcome to Katz Krochetz, where I create handmade baby blankets to last a lifetime and crochet dolls that reflect YOU! 

Katz Krochetz was inspired by my very own baby blanket that my mother made for me as a baby. That blanket to this day remains with me. It is in great shape and has been washed countless times. As young kid I always wanted to learn how to make a blanket with yarn. It simply amazed me!!

My mother was my biggest supporter and even with her passing she remains my biggest supporter and the core of why Katz Krochetz was started. Being able to create memories for others the way my baby blanket has carried my memories are immeasurable. My motto: Your Memories, My Magic.

My absolute favorite dolls to create are mermaids and ballerinas as these were to two things I knew I wanted to be as a child. Now I get to bring that dream to life and create lifetime best friends and collectibles for others.

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