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  • How long will my order take to ship?
    Shipping times vary based on item order since most are "made to order". All ready to ship items will ship within 3 days. Earrings, Decals & Lips- up to 5 days Dolls & Animals- 3-6 weeks Blankets- 3-4 weeks Hats & Scarfs- 2-3 weeks
  • Can I return a doll?
    Dolls and animals cannot be returned. However, they come with a 2 yr warranty for normal wear and tear (Limbs become loose and need repair, hair has fallen out, etc etc). Pictures would need to be provided along with email confirmation of purchase. Customers would just have to pay for shipping and handling fees.
  • Can I return my hat if it does not fit?
    Hats may not be returned, but can be exchange for a different size. Head measurements are encouraged with order to avoid exchange shipping fees. Customers are responsible for echange shipping fees
  • How can I reach you if I have other questions?
    Please feel free to email me at
  • Do you offer other skin tones for dolls?
    Yes, we currently offer 11 colors that we feel best represents the perfect color to reflect you!
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